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Walker Stalker Con 2016 Dallas Recap

Two huge episodes and a week later, I’m still trying to wrap my head around The Walking Dead and Walker Stalker Con Dallas.

Last weekend, I prepared myself with my nifty tips for conquering Walker Stalker Con Dallas and was ready to attack the weekend. As I look back at it after these past two episodes, there are so many questions that I wish I could ask and my one opportunity is gone (until next year).


Walker Stalker Con Dallas made its way to the Dallas Convention Center for a second year and promised to be bigger and badder than last year’s event. They definitely did not disappoint with the guest line up, event set up, smartphone app, and a personal challenge from a celebrity. As fans walked in, you couldn’t help but feel the energy of diehard fans that were there to see celebrities from some of the most dynamic shows with fandoms on television right now.

The line up of guests that attended Walker Stalker Con Dallas were way beyond just The Walking Dead. With guests from Gotham, Hannibal, Fear The Walking Dead, and The Vampire Diaries – this con definitely catered to a vast variety of fandoms. If you don’t frequent cons, it would be quite overwhelming to navigate everything that this con had to offer. The highlight of what makes this con standout was the interactive app made it easy to game plan both of my days and make sure I was able to hit up everyone that I wanted to see.

After mapping out my weekend, I decided that it would be best to meet a few of my favorite guests before heading to the afternoon panels. I opted to take photos at the table with Michael Cudlitz and Robin Lord Taylor.

Michael Cudlitz as Abraham in The Walking Dead has been a fascinating character since he first emerged on the show. The character development that we have been fortunate to experience with his character these past few seasons is top notch. Plus with the impending conflicts in his relationships, I was curious to pick his brain about all of this and more. We actually ended up discussing more about his role in Band of Brothers as Sgt. Denver “Bull” Randleman and how a Dallas local had a connection to that show. The crazy part is that my partner in crime, Laura knew the guy that Michael Cudlitz was friends with. It was such a crazy experience and proved that its a small world after all. I made sure to let him know that he succeeded at the Bisquick challenge and I’ll never be able to think of “makin’ pancakes” as anything else.



The schedule allowed for plenty of time to head over to mingle with Robin Lord Taylor, better known for his role as Oswald Cobblepot in Gotham. I didn’t have plans to watch Gotham, but as soon as I started the show and was introduced to Mr. Cobblepot – that was the end for me. I instantly became hooked and Oswald Cobblepot was my absolute favorite.

The volunteers at any con can definitely make or break your experience. I ran into a few issues over the weekend, but they were made up with the amazing volunteers that were in charge of making sure that Robin Lord Taylor was taken care of.


Team Penguin were a riot to be around and definitely made the weekend worth it. They were nice, informative, and having fun with each fan that wanted to come and see their celebrity. All volunteers need to have the enthusiasm and fun that these 3 top notch individuals displayed. We’re all fans here and just want to have a good time.

Robin Lord Taylor was seriously the funnest celebrity I have ever had the chance to meet. He was funny, easy to talk to, and welcoming to all the fans. We even danced together, which was everything!


We chatted about my blog after he mentioned that he had partied a little bit the night before with one of my favorites – Grey Goose. We managed to get past that and it was so great that he was so personable with each fan that came his to his meet and greet area.

After walking around and meeting a few other celebrities, we hurried over to the panel area to get seated for the Gotham panel.



We quickly ended that panel, just to get ready for the next one right afterwards with Michael Cudlitz and Josh McDermitt.



I frequent quite a few cons and I will definitely say that Walker Stalker Con Dallas hands down is one of my favorites (especially for media access) and I’m hoping that I have the opportunity to return next year. You bet I’ll be sure to share details for the 2017 event for everyone to get their tickets.

I’d also like to thank my partner in crime (my unicorn mermaid sparkle twin) Laura for joining me. You were amazing holding my camera, taking pictures when I needed you to, and allowing me to be on social media the entire time to make sure Dallas didn’t miss anything in the panels.


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