Glitter Tales

Thicker Than Water


If Stella had a dollar for every time someone reminded her that “blood is thicker than water” she would be on her way to paying off her student loans. Here she was, once again, listening to yet another person attempt to dictate the choices she made as an adult.

Over the last two years, the family dynamic had changed drastically. Family members had stopped speaking, holidays had come and gone, and the therapy sessions had made moving on much easier. The radio silence between her and her immediate family had become a normal part of life. She had quickly adapted to the appropriate way to address the questions from inquiring minds. From how her mother and siblings were doing, ranging to what plans she had for upcoming holidays; rehearsing her responses had become second nature.

The questions kept flooding her, as the familiar voice started to drown out.

What Stella was tired of facing was the endless criticism from the people who just didn’t understand her situation?

It was apparent to any person that had known her family of the division that had settled between them. What they didn’t know and wouldn’t understand was the backstory that played into this. What they also didn’t realize that it wasn’t any of their business. Stella was exhausted from fielding questions and the “concerns” that individuals expressed when she would divert the conversation from her family. She had been through a gambit of emotions and issues over the last two years when it came to her family. It took a lot of prayers and realizations that she didn’t have to blame herself for what happened.

After all of her counseling, she was finally at peace that blood isn’t always thicker than water. That you’re allowed to cultivate your own family that treats you with the love and respect that you deserve. The family you deserve to have in your corner when you have your off days.

The familiar voice started to taper off and Stella politely exclaimed, “Have a great day!” She really hoped they didn’t want to know anything else about her family, because she just didn’t have the time to entertain them. Stella walked away with a smile on her face as she heard a small goodbye come from the familiar voice.

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