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Stronger, Faster, and Confident

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Karen waved at her co-workers as they walked to the car to head to lunch. Her co-workers were so kind and understanding with the invites, but knew the drill. She has been diligent with her clean eating and 30 minutes of light walking/jogging each lunch hour. It had been nearly 5 months since she had stepped on that scale and read that 200+ skyrocket out of nowhere.

As she made it closer to the office and her healthy lunch, Karen couldn’t help but beam with pride in all the work she had put in. She had changed her eating habits and couldn’t recall the last time she had her beloved Taco Bell Spicy Beef Nacho Crunchwrap. Her evenings has become less dramatic with the decreased red wine binges. The biggest accomplishment that she had made in her life was throwing her scale to the side. She decided shortly after her shocking way in to forgo letting it dictate how she felt about herself.

Making her way up the stairs, Karen was reflecting on the goals she had set for herself. Her new gym was everything she could dream of and she pushed herself to limits she never thought she could reach. Her body was stronger and she could see the difference in her clothing. Each day she stepped outside for her 30 minute lunch exercise, she could feel herself getting faster.

Karen made it to the 5th floor of her building and while opening the door from the stairway nearly ran into Eric. She could feel the beads of sweat on her brow and profusely apologized for nearly knocking him over. Eric politely assured her that it was ok and Karen quickly started to make her way to her office. Before she could make it halfway there, she heard Eric call her name. He came running at her with her towel in his hand and commented, “Karen, you look great, are a real motivation, and your confidence is contagious.” Karen beamed with pride, expressed her thanks, and realized the most significant change in herself – confidence. Never in a million did she ever think she could or would be be a confident motivation to others around her.

She was ready for what her next chapter had in store.

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