Glitter Tales

Tinder Loving Care


Happy hour was a mere few minutes in as young professionals from all over the city descended upon the bar for a much needed drink. The hordes of men and women could be heard chattering about their hectic work schedules, much needed vacations, the upcoming Presidential election, and the Super Bowl. Jackson waited patiently staring at his iPhone for any sign of a woman resembling his Tinder match, Melanie.

At 29, Jackson was reaching the point where he thought he was ready to settle down.

Key word here, THOUGHT.

This notion of settling down spurred from a recent a slew of weddings of his best buds from his childhood. The bachelor parties and tuxedo rentals had not only drained his wallet, but a small piece of his brohood. The boys were not back in town, in all reality they were moving to the suburbs for the white picket fence house and 2.5 kids. After his best friend Max’s wedding in November, Jackson made a promise to move past the hookups on Tinder and find a legit compatible match. You know as compatible as you can get with a Tinder profile. Over the last few months he had only swiped right on about 4 ladies and made a conscious effort to actually get to know them through text, phone calls, and a few dates.

For Jackson, this was a huge 180 from his previous Tinder matches. They mostly consisted of drowning a few beers after work with his happily married buddies (only during happy hour, because they all had to be home for the wives), he would stay after and pull his phone out to meet the next woman of his dreams. He was having a good time playing the field and was really good at it. He loved ladies and they loved him right back. More times than none, it would work perfectly for both parties. Other times, he found himself regretting having that last beer and sulking home with nothing to show for indulging too much. Now that he was exclusively on the lookout for his actual woman of his dreams, Jackson had stopped the pregaming and was at full attention for each meeting. They hadn’t worked out, but if at first you don’t succeed…

It was then that he felt a small brush across the back of his shoulder blades and heard her sweet voice bellow, “I’m so sorry for being late! Traffic is horrible.” Her Tinder picture didn’t do her justice as her curly hair fell into her face. Jackson couldn’t articulate the words to respond because he was in awe that he may have just met his Tinder match. She apologized once more and smoothly leaned over the bar and ordered a Revolver Blood and Honey. Jackson quickly caught himself and replied, “it’s ok, good drink choice.” The rest of the night was a blur. All he could do was stare each time Melanie spoke and at those moments, he knew. He knew he was ready to settle down.

Key word here, KNEW.

Glitter Tales Story

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