Glitter Tales

The Feminist Battle


Corrine was having the hardest time wrapping her head around the notion that feminism had reached a battleground she was foreign to.

Feminism – the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

The definitions of feminist and feminism had quickly left the building. Each and every day she was reading a article or watching a video that portrayed feminists and feminism in the most disregarding light.

Here she was once again reading about bell hooks disregarding/dismissing Beyonce for the type of feminism she was “promoting.”

She had reached the point of exhaustion when it came to defending herself on why she was a feminist. The worst part when defending herself was that it always came against other women who believed that their own definition was the end all be all of feminists everywhere. When did it become a fight over who was right? When did we start judging each other over who was the more prolific feminist of the bunch?

Corrine was over the judgmental women she faced on a daily basis. A woman should cover her body. A woman should be a positive role model. A woman should not be sexual because teens are impressionable. As a woman, what was she suppose to do? Sit in a corner, not speak, and suppress our sexuality – because the world had turned women against each other. Damned if we do and damned if we don’t. It was 2016 and Corrine faced the constant bombard of women bashing women for all the wrong reasons. Each day, the feminist battle became more sullen as the definition of feminism slowly slipped through our fingers.

It was a sad and hurtful reality.

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