Glitter Tales

Sweet Summer Nights


The constant worry of the 2016 presidential election, the state of the world with police violence, and add on just being a normal adult – life just seemed to be an overwhelming mess. It was Saturday night and the group decided that they needed a break. Life had been extremely difficult lately and basking in the sheer fact that they had an opportunity to just drift away from it all was important. Each of them had promised to push their worries aside and really focus on the joy of being in each other’s company.

They sat under the stars by the pool drinking margaritas and laughing about the trivial celebrity gossip that had been overtaking the news. The laughter from inside as the guys played video games hummed through the windows, as the conversation went from Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and the latest movies to hit the theaters. Without skipping a beat, they drowned out the guys with laughter of their own with a few of the gems from their group text messages and catching up on the news from Twitter.

This time together was well spent as they joked about how far their friendship had come. It was so easy to just be there for each other during the best and worst times. Everything was effortless as they bonded over carbs and continued joking about all the good things. These were what summer nights were made of. Deep down inside they knew and understood that friendship is one of the most genuine gifts to hold near and dear. That each moment they were together was worth it and made life much easier. The conversation drifted into planning dinner and shopping trip together, each of them brainstorming ideas of where they should go.

The night was hot. The chamomile candles flickered keeping the mosquitos away. Each margarita was slowly emptying, but the conversations were just getting started.

For once – the hot summer night wasn’t a bother, the company was great, and life would surely go on.

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