Glitter Tales

Grass is Greener


Penelope stared intently at the empty glass of wine as she continued drinking from the bottle. Here she was single after dating her best friend’s twin brother for the last year and a half. She knew that she had made a mistake when she agreed to a date with him. The error of her ways became even more apparent when her sweet bestie, Desiree, started talking about them becoming sister in-laws. Donovan had been a fixture in her life for the last 6 years, so she opted to give it a shot. It was much better than subjecting herself to the mindless evenings browsing Tinder or the in-depth personality analysis’ of eHarmony.

Donovan had been a great boyfriend, but something just wasn’t clicking with them. Penelope suffered through a few months of tragic fights with Donovan, which resulted in late night conversations with Desiree. This relationship had run its course when it started to become a family affair, which was not what Penelope had signed up for before the wedding bells. It had finally become too much for her to handle, so she called Donovan over and broke it off. To her the reasonings were acceptable and she explained that she would even tell Desiree, if it made him feel better. The blank stare from Donovan wasn’t exactly comforting, but she didn’t expect much more as she left the floor open for anything he needed/wanted to say.

Which bought Penelope to this point, an empty wine glass and long swigs from the wine bottle. The sweet red trickled down her throat and the liquid courage made her feel fuzzy all over. She caught the flashes from her phone as the text message count from Desiree grew with each passing minute. Donovan had told his sister that they were no longer an item and Penelope was sure that Desiree was seeking some sort of explanation. One last big swig of the sweet nectar and Penelope steeled herself to read the multiple text messages from her best friend.

As she reached over to get her phone, she distinctly heard the infamous commercial for eHarmony ring from her TV. Without hesitating, Penelope stopped herself from reaching for her phone and picked up her laptop. The short fast strokes typed out the url for eHarmony and she quickly let the fear dissipate as she reminded herself that the grass is greener on the other side.

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