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Man’s Best Friend


For as long as they could remember, Rex had been a perfect fixture in their lives. Susie and Daniel sat in their living room on the floor with their sweet pup comforting him through the violent seizure that took over his body. They stared at each other as the shaking continued and whispered gentle words to calm their oldest through the tough time.

As the seizure ran its course, Susie looked at Daniel with tears welling up in her eyes with no words to comfort either one of them. Where would they go from here? How do you handle the aging of such a beloved dog? The last nine years had been joyous with the one constant in their marriage. Rex had been the dog that Susie never wanted, but learned to love. For Daniel, Rex was more than man’s best friend.

You hear those stories about dogs choosing their family and it really couldn’t be more true in Rex’s case. It was November of 2007, a month before Susie and Daniel’s wedding that they sat in California outside of a coffee shop when this dusty colored mutt took up real estate next to their table. Daniel quickly became curious of this intriguing dog and impressed with the fact that the dog knew how to sit, shake, and lay down. After checking for a microchip and posting fliers all over the neighborhood, not even a month later the newlyweds moved into their first apartment with the picture perfect dog by their side. Over the years, the family had adopted a few other dogs along the way but the one dog that was always in the mix was Rex. He was the guardian, the older brother, the silent cuddler, and so much more. A dog that had greeted them with open paws in California and made an entire neighborhood in Texas guard over him each time he escaped his yard. Each of their friends had proudly proclaimed over the years that if anything every happened to them, that Rex would always have a number of homes to go to. The beloved dog that everyone loved and he just kept his distance because he wasn’t a dog of many excited emotions. The strong silent type who was always calculated in getting exactly what he wanted when he wanted it.

Daniel looked at Susie as he continued petting Rex and the silence was heartbreaking as they listened to the labored breathing of their pup. This was the beginning of a very difficult journey that they never wanted to imagine would actually come about.

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  • Reply Kayden

    I’ve been through that. It’s a horrible experience to witness the suffering of your “baby”.

    August 18, 2016 at 7:47 pm
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