Glitter Tales

Faded Memories

GLITTER TALES_Wk34Denise had slowly come to the realization that she wasn’t going to hear from him. The last date they had been on didn’t end exactly how either of them had planned, but they at least told each other that they would be transparent about their relationship. It had been two weeks since she had heard from him after she had initiated the last contact between them.

The last few months were great as they shared likes, dislikes, secrets, and so much more with each other. Who knew it was so easy to hit it off with someone you considered a complete stranger when you started talking? Meeting over the internet is never easy and that first in person meeting is down right scary. They had braved it and it went well. The conversations they had were great and they really seemed to click. They had a ton of things in common and she never in a million years thought things would end on such a sour note. The chemistry was there and they enjoyed being in each other’s company. Even after the few months that they had gotten to know each other and hang out, he clearly proved to her that he was just like every other guy she had come across on her dating excursions. Fearful, embarrassing, and untrustworthy of everything she did have to offer.

Denise looked around her living room and couldn’t believe that she was even entertaining thoughts of this guy.

She didn’t feel like she needed to explain herself and reminded herself that this one guy just wasn’t worth. It was eating at her not to reach out to him and give him a piece of her mind. She had made the right decision to slowly start blocking him on all the social fronts. There wasn’t an ounce of guilt as she stared at her phone with a new vigor. Instead, she did what she knew best – move along. It hadn’t ended how she wanted it to, he didn’t take the time to state his peace, and ghosting had become a real thing in her life.

Denise took a long swig from her wine glass and picked up her phone to start swiping on Tinder.

Sometimes memories are the worst form of torture, but they fade over time. Why not let them fade with the next best thing?!?

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