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Every news channel she flipped her TV to there was no way to escape those dilapidating, vile words blaring from her surround sound system.

“When you’re a star, you can do anything…”

The words kept repeating themselves and over the last few days she couldn’t deal as she watched both men and women defend these revolting comments. The sexual abuse faced by women around the world had been equated to mere “locker room” talk. The sexual abuse she had faced was just a “private conversation” that happened in the past. Her body crawled remembering the evening she was viciously violated and hid behind her smile while she went to counseling to figure out why she froze. Her heart sped up as she recalled the moments her body no longer belonged to her. She cringed thinking about the snide remarks from the stranger who told her she should just enjoy it.

Cara kept flipping through the channels searching for an escape until she couldn’t handle it anymore. She picked up her phone to see scroll through her social media timeline with no avail. The blind support from friends defending their presidential hopeful for the comments made all those years ago sick to her stomach. They didn’t know the pain she and many other women endured. They didn’t realize that every day it was a never ending cycle. The respect the had for herself all those years before her assault were finally intact again, but it was on the brink of shattering from the turmoil she faced with the sickening realities she faced today.

After 4 different posts about “Killary” and “Why I’m Voting for Trump,” she tossed her phone across the room and stared out of her bedroom window.

The value and worth of a woman meant nothing when it comes to a powerful man. Clearly, he has every right to do or joke about doing whatever he wants with no type of consequences. That was not ok.

Cara was tired. Just tired.

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