Glitter Tales

Changing Seasons

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Helen watched as John ran around the yard with his nephews playing. The joy on his face as they two boys dog-piled on top of him was something she hadn’t seen in a long time between them. The laughter of the sweet boys with their Uncle John made her heart flutter with absolute joy. She wasn’t sure where this feeling was coming from, but she knew that it was something she had never felt before. For once, Helen had no words to express her thoughts as the laughter and screams continued in the background.

John’s sister Susan called out for her boys to come in the house and wash up for supper. Helen still hadn’t gotten used to hearing dinner referred to as that but chuckled to herself as the boys ran inside beckoning for Uncle John to play more after dinner. John stood up from the grass and dusted himself off. Helen couldn’t keep her eyes off him as she stared intently at her husband. How had she gotten so lucky? How did she manage to snag such a caring and youthful man who was so loved?

John trotted over to her and planted a kiss on her forehead as he fell into the porch swing next to her. He laid his head in her lap and she instantly started to caress his hair. He softly mumbled,“don’t start something you can’t finish, because you know this will put me right to sleep.” Helen smiled and stared deeply into his green eyes. “What’s going on in that beautiful mind of yours,” John asked.

Before she could even get the words out, the tears started to stream down her face. Without skipping a beat, John sat up and wrapped his arms around Helen with the intent stare beckoning her to tell him all of her worries. Helen paused for a moment, looked as her loving husband, and for the first time told him with conviction what she wanted in their life.

“You deserve to be a father,” she stammered.

“Helen, you don’t…” he countered.

“John, please stop talking and let me finish this,” she exasperated.

He stared at her in silence and placed his hands in her lap.

Helen quickly continued before she lost her nerve, “I allowed my own selfish reasons to cloud my judgment on everything I hold sacred between us. Seeing you today with your nephews has been amazing for where I want our marriage and life to go. Your attentiveness and loving nature deserve to be shared with more than just me.”

Before she could continue, she felt his soft lips brush against her lips and her thoughts melted away. She knew that he understood exactly what she wanted in life and was so grateful for what the future held for the both of them.

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