Glitter Tales

The Wayward Journey


Sasha was still trying to wrap her head around the fact that they had purchased and restored a vintage Volkswagen Bus to travel the United States for the summer. She cuddled up into the little nook of the bus with all of the softest pillows while listening to her girlfriends laugh and plan for their latest excursion. They were heading to Las Vegas and the long stretches of desert had finally given them a break when they could make out the skyline of the vast city they had planned on destroying for two nights.

This was going to be the most money they had spent all summer, but it was worth it for the chance to actually shower and dress up like real women. Ana looked back and Sasha with a sly smile then said, “Are you plotting on how you’re going to ditch us in Vegas?” Sasha let out a hearty laugh while rolling her eyes at the silly comment. She could never ditch her best babes that convinced her that life is too short to sit around waiting for Mr. Right Now to propose to her and building up her savings for a wedding he clearly didn’t want to happen.

Responsible self-employed women who decided to take their work on the road in the back of a bus and enjoy life together. This is what her friends were for, this is why they had made their mark as entrepreneurs. Each their own bosses in their respective fields of creativity, having the time of their life. Nothing to hold them back from just enjoying life as it came at them.

So here she was in the back of their restored Volkswagen Bus laughing at the silly dances that Cara and Meg kept doing as they piloted the Bus towards their destination. As her mind started to wander, Ana slide back next to Sasha with her bright hazel eyes and flashed her million dollar smile while asking, “What’s on your mind sister?”

Sasha looked at Ana while raising her arms above her head to pull her curly hair out of her face before saying, “this was probably the best thing that has happened in a while for us.” From the front of the Bus, Cara loudly proclaimed hear hear in agreement as she cranked the music up louder. Meg turned around from the passenger seat and started a few body rolls to the beat before a full on dance party ensued. They had really done it!

Vegas or bust. Vegas or bust!

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