Glitter Tales

The Patriotic Tipping Point


She sat in her cubicle questioning everything.

The election was over. The electoral college and popular votes were counted. Her pantsuit felt tattered from the wear and tear that her heart had endured hearing that she would not see the first female president elected. The reality was finally sinking in that America had seemingly found a way to understand a man with no experience, respect for human beings of all kind, and a vague plan to make America great again.

The heaviness weighed down on her as she heard the conversations in her office and shied away from eye contact to avoid letting her feelings out. Her headphones were up as loud as possible and Superpower by Beyonce blared into her ears.

At this moment, this song took on a whole new meaning in her life.

And just like you I can’t be scared
And just like you I hope I’m spared
But it’s tough love
I know you feel it in the air
Even the babies know it’s there
Tough love

What she was realizing through this song is that these next 4 years were going to be about tough love. Learning to live with the individuals who voted against her rights as a woman. Learning to remain open minded and navigate her way through the rough waters she faced ahead. Learning to love, stand tall, and come back stronger than ever after this defeat.

She felt the tears well up in her eyes but was quickly reminded that if Hillary didn’t need to cry – she sure as hell wasn’t going to let anyone see her tears.

Superpower started to fade out with the powerful lyrics streaming into her thoughts.

But together we’ve got plenty power
But nothing I know can break us
They can’t break us down

Eventually, she knew that she would find herself again. Her sanity depended on it.

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