Glitter Tales

The Neverending Playlist


The Waze app flashed a daunting red for the entire route that she couldn’t avoid taking home. As she frantically searched for alternative routes, she was thankful for the music drowning out the irritated drivers surrounding her.

Working in the city, she was use to the fact that whenever she was leaving work – she would be met with traffic. This is why she had fully prepared herself with her secret weapon of the never-ending playlist to survive even the most treacherous traffic conditions. She knew that the radio would never be an option for her car concert as too many commercials would steal her rhythm and snatch her back to the salty reality that she was in bumper to bumper traffic.

After much searching and no apparent way out of her current traffic situation, she cranked up her never-ending playlist to began the car concert of all car concerts. She had convinced herself that the darker tint she had gotten on her windows was a lifesaver because she was about to light her car up with off-key singing and body rolls galore. As the first beat dropped to the Beyonce Flawless Remix with Nicki Minaj, her inner ratchet flared as she herself flawlessly spit the lyrics of the song. She threw her hands up and dug deep into the lyrical beats, getting herself ready for Nicki’s lightening fast part. Without missing her cue, she dropped her illest rap and listened to the song fade out as traffic continued to creep along.

Her rap was followed by a few 80s and 90s power ballads, which called for even bigger hand gestures as she sat there looking for the one pick up in traffic. The alternative songs kept her going as she hummed along and played every air instrument she had mastered over her driving years.

Then it happened, Whitney Houston.

She belted out “I Have Nothing” at the top of her lungs and at that moment you couldn’t tell her she wasn’t Whitney Houston. Just as she finished the song, her Waze app updated her that the major accident she was suffering through traffic for had cleared up. As she glanced around looking for her escape route, the truck next to her filled with guys started to roll their windows down. She frantically followed their lead thinking they are about to tell her that her gas cap is open or a tire is low – only to be met with the largest round of applause and cheers for an encore. The entire car concert had been viewed through her clearly barely tinted windows for the world to see. As she rolled her window back up, the traffic started to slowly pick up even more and she drove away with both hands on the wheels and her never-ending playlist blaring in the background – begging for an encore.

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