Glitter Tales

A New Season


Elena and Martin sat across from each other in silence. They couldn’t believe that they were about to take this next step.

Martin looked at Elena with a loving look and asked, “Are you sure this is what you want?”

Elena stared back and replayed the last 6 years together with Martin. They had grown up together, learned the hardest life lesson together, traveled the world, and celebrated 3 blissful years of marriage. Naturally, this was the next step in their life but the fear was consuming her.

Without hesitating, Martin reached out for Elena’s hands and didn’t have to say a word as his longing eyes begged for her to share her deepest thoughts with him.

Elena looked at the love of her life and let all of her feelings out. The uncertainty spilled out as her questions and thoughts of doubt flooded the air.

“What if we aren’t ready?”

“This responsibility is bigger than the both of us!”

“What will people think?”

“This is going to change our lives as we know it.”

“Are we sure this is what we want to do?”

Martin listened patiently as his wife rattled off concern after concern until he couldn’t help but smile. She was always the rational one in their relationship, which was perfect in keeping him grounded when he got a little too lofty in life. He loved that most about her. The attentiveness she had to this massive life change was warming and he looked forward to this being the best Christmas present for the both of them.

Elena watched the smirk and the glow in his eyes, as she started to laugh at how ridiculous she sounded. As Martin joined in with her laughter, she finally got around to asking the most important question of their life-changing decision in this new season….

“So the real question is do we get a corgi or a bulldog?”

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    I vote corgi!!

    December 1, 2016 at 2:21 pm
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