Glitter Tales

Workaholics Anonymous


Calvin sat at his desk staring at his screen as the clock slowly ticked away. His optimistic view that if he could survive Monday the rest of the week would quickly dwindled away, was quickly disproven. The meetings were back to back and his phone seemed to never stop ringing.

It was Wednesday now and he felt like it would never end.

“Calvin, did you finish the month end report,” Oscar asked. “Calvin, the report?”

Calvin’s blank stare and foggy brain quickly came to speed as he heard his name for a second time. Oscar, his supervisor, was standing at his desk asking for something and he had no idea what. Oscar peered at him and asked “Calvin, do you have the month end report for the directors meeting this afternoon?”

Wednesday. Directors Meeting. MONTH END REPORT!

Calvin frantically spun around to his second computer silently praying to himself that he had completed the month end report on Monday. The days has started to meld together that he couldn’t remember what he was doing and how he was doing it. As his frantic search continue, he could hear his co-worker Monica discussing the talking points of her own report due for the directors meeting. The panic kicked in as Oscar attempted to quietly thank her for the work on her report.

As he thought all hope was lost, Calvin searched his desktop in hopes that he saved the month end report among the chaos of his daily work life. Before Oscar could even turn around and ask again, Calvin quickly hit print. “Oscar, check printer A15. 10 copies with detailed notes on trends we should watch for during the remainder of the year.”

“Thanks Calvin!,” Oscar exclaimed as he headed toward the printer.

Calvin’s head slammed against his desk and he silently thought to himself how badly he needed a vacation.

Glitter Tales Story

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