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There once was a girl who decided on a whim on a chilly December night to start a blog. Trust that this girl was still very much a girl even though she had lived so much life at the tender age of 26. Married, moved across the country, lived apart from her husband for nearly over a year, but none of that changed the fact that she hadn’t really grown up. She wasn’t sure what would become of this blog, but she missed those mindless days of Xanga, LiveJournal, and putting herself out there for strangers to stumble upon. A few vodka drinks later, her creation fruitfully started to come together.

December 15, 2012 was when it all started.

A beginning just happens. We don’t know why we are just drawn to the overwhelming feeling of sharing our lives. It all started today when I sat at work reflecting on how I’ve compromised my whole existence in the past few years.

This wasn’t a compromise to please others and it wasn’t some ploy to make people like me. It was a period where I just needed to rediscover the meaning of my life. My blogs before were watered down and tame. No purpose. No meaning. I’ve reached a point now where I can honestly say I am in the right place to really embark on this journey. All it took was some vodka to get me there!

Those were the first words this girl wrote on her blog.

Reflecting over these last 4 years, this girl can easily say that she is no longer a girl in any sort of way, shape or form. She’s a woman. A woman who has discovered herself in ways she never imagined a little corner of the internet could help her do. Through her blog she’s met people who were meant to be in her life, shared harsh unfiltered think pieces, suffered the loss of her father, revamped her entire layout/concept, and celebrated a number of different milestones. This girl has experienced life in ways she never could’ve imagined, but the greatest adventure is just beginning.

This woman is about to embark on motherhood. Life will never be the same according to all the critics. Her priorities will change drastically as this new little special one takes over everything that her life use to resemble. It’s been a daunting task for the woman to listen to people dictate how her life will never be the same. Who decides these things? Why must women change their complete lifestyle in order to conform to what society believes a mother should be? Are we not allowed to still go out and have fun with friends? Can a mother not take the time to get herself all dolled up for photo shoots every month with her friends?  Just because a mother brings a baby into a world doesn’t mean anybody is allowed to deny them their very existence that they had before baby.

Here we are 4 years later, growth and change apparent in the words of this blog. Gearing up to take on a new chapter to add to this growing plethora of honesty for millennials today. This woman can promise you that things may change a bit, but she’ll retain the same amount of compassion, wisdom, and respect for this safe space of the internet. Oh and at the end of the day,  this woman has no shame taking a baby to happy hour!

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