Glitter Tales

Lovers and Friends


“Kayla, you’re going to have to pick up the pace if we are going to hike the 8 miles before lunch,” Micah shouted from ahead. For most of the walk Kayla had fallen behind Micah in deep thought of their relationship. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, she couldn’t help but wonder what if…

Micah and Kayla met their junior year of high school, which Kayla moved to town. She ended up sitting next to him in history, which led to them discovering that they had quite a bit in common. From Comic Cons, new movies, fantasy books, and more they had similar taste in just about everything. They were confidants when it came to each other’s respective relationships and support systems through their college years. Micah was the first person Kayla confided in when she had an unsure feeling about her ex-boyfriend. Kayla knew all of Micah’s quirks, fears, and secrets…but deep down she was so nervous….

Micah had been single for 8 months (not like she had been counting) and she was one year out of her previous relationship. This was the first time in two years, that they were both single and around Valentine’s Day. In the past they would get together and watch the most ridiculous horror movies, eat pizza, and drink beer with no worries for the day.

“Kayla! We’re almost to our lunch marker, pick up the pace,” Micah loudly chided back her way.

She picked up the pace and couldn’t believe Micah thought it would be a great idea to go hiking this Valentine’s Day. They had both been working out at the same gym, but that didn’t mean she was completely sold on this active lifestyle. Micah started to slow down as they came down the steep hill and all she could think was thank goodness. As she caught her breath, Micah disappeared around a small bend in the path – she really just wanted this hike to end. Kayla took her time rounding the corner and was shocked at the sight before her eyes.

Micah’s navy blue dust covered Jeep Wrangler sat on the side of the beaten road with a 6 pack of Shiner Bock and Domino’s pizza in the cab.

Kayla smiled and she could feel the tears welling in her eyes, “you remembered?” Micah reached into the back of the jeep and grabbed his laptop, “you know we can’t do our signature Valentine’s Day without pizza, beer, and cheesy horror films!” He hopped into the back of the jeep and nodded for her to head over. Kayla grabbed the pizza and beer, then slide next to Micah with no hesitation. He fired up the first movie and nostalgia kicked in as the first cheesy horror movie they ever watched popped up on the small screen – Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Kayla slumped back with a hearty laugh and felt Micah’s arm slip around her shoulder. At that moment time stopped, she caught her breath as she felt him lean closer, and nearly melted when his warm lips hit the temple of her forehead. Kayla couldn’t look at him and she didn’t have to as he whispered in her ear, “you’re the only lady I ever want to spend Valentine’s Day ever.”

For the first time, in a long time, her heart was content.

Glitter Tales Story

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