Glitter Tales

Adulting Ain’t Easy


Alexa stared at her shattered phone scream in disgust as she made a mental note of all the bills she needed to pay for the month. She had recently cut her cable and was opting for subscription services, which were adding up fast. Her car was paid off, she had a decent career, but she was regretting going back to school for her Masters degree. Even after all the scholarships and grants, student loans has become an inevitable option. She graduated and thats what really mattered. In the end with her student loans, she was relying strictly on her budget to keep her life right.

Speaking of that budget she had been sticking to, it never seemed to give her any type of wiggle room. Here she was once again trying to make ends meet and debating on what she can do with and without. Just as she started debating whether she could live on Ramen Noodles for the next two weeks, her phone started to ring. She glanced down at the 1-800 number and silently muttered a few choice words under her breath before picking up.

Alexa picked up the phone and listened to the automated message, waiting patiently for the actual person to pick up the line.

7 minutes and 27 seconds later, another $180 paid.

Her budget was looking bleaker as she notated the $180 payment. It was on the budget to be paid, but it never made it easier to actually pay bills.

Ramen was looking better and better these days, but there was one thing she wasn’t willing to sacrifice – wine.

It was her only way to stay sane, because adulting ain’t easy.

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