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Je Suis Bruxelles


Whatever Liz did she couldn’t escape the constant bombard of politics and devastation overtaking her world each day. Every morning as she got ready to head into the newsroom and her little cube surrounded by the plethora of accolades and printouts of her most prized articles, she regretted her decision to go into journalism. During high school and college, the stories she curated were worth it for her and the readers they reached. She enjoyed piecing together articles that touched lives and gave her a sense of peace. Writing was her passion and she loved being able to explore a number of different avenues throughout her youthful days.

Now she was surrounded by the consistent dread of letting people down each time she wrote for the political and world news source she worked for. Initially it was her dream job and she walked right into it at the perfect time. You don’t say no when you are offered a lucrative position with a world renown news source. Everyone told her how this would be the opportunity of a lifetime and she couldn’t let it slip past her. The best part is that they allowed her as much “creative” freedom to embark on her world news stories. After 3 long tumultuous years she was starting to realize that something was missing.

The newsroom busted out in commotion as everyone shouted about breaking news in Brussels. The numerous screens flashed in the hub of the community room as Twitter and Facebook broke the news of the Brussels attacks. Liz watched as her heart sank as the cries for help on Twitter flashed in front of her eyes.

At that moment, she did what she knew best and instantly reached out to start reporting. This moment the world needed her to remain focused. It wasn’t the time to second guess her choices in life when she could bring the breaking news of the world to the forefront. Liz looked around as her coworkers sprung into action and she knew that Brussels needed her now more than ever.

With all of the tragedy in the world, Brussels needed the voice of the world to be there for them and she would do just that.

Je Suis Bruxelles

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