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In The Moment


Mike ran into happy hour late fumbling to put his valet ticket and phone into his pocket. He frantically looked around to find his friends in the crowded restaurant. If there is one thing that Mike hated, it was being late to happy hour. With just one happy hour a month with his best buddies, he hated that his job interfered with his favorite time of the month.

Just as he was conceding on his quest to find his friends and head to the bar for a drink, he spotted them at a corner booth furthest from the bar. As he started to head over, all he could see was his 3 friends with all of their phones plastered in front of their faces. He weaved himself through the crowd and managed to pull his phone out while trying to get to his friends. Maybe they were trying to text him, but as he glanced at his phone he realized that one had checked him in on Facebook. He paused near an empty table near the bar and noticed that another had posted an Instagram photo of her drink.

Did any of them realize that he had finally made it to the bar? Did they even notice that none of them had texted him to see why he was running late? What was so important that they hadn’t even looked away from their phones to wave him over? Was Instagram and Facebook that entertaining that they failed to realize he hadn’t made it yet?

Mike quickly did an about face and headed to the bar to order a gin & tonic. He was flabbergasted that last month they sat at this same bar talking about how people needed to live in the moment and put their phones down. Yet, here they were – his three best friends – who he had happy hour with every month at the same bar doing the one thing they complained about.

Three gin & tonics later, Mike felt his phone buzz in his pocket and glanced over to the corner booth to see Alex on his phone looking around the restaurant. He grabbed his drink and started heading over to their booth, assuming they were finally ready to live in the moment.

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