Glitter Tales

Drink Responsibly


Wren had been sitting at the bar by herself wondering why she decided to even go out. Here she was three Gin and Tonics in, questioning her very existence. She should’ve known better as soon as Stella, her roommate, said she didn’t want to go out. Even as she snapchatted her way through the night life her city had to offer, she couldn’t help but think about her bestie. Stella all alone – sitting at home thinking about the love lost between her former lover, Janelle.

The last few days had been lackluster since Janelle had called Stella to break up and Wren was still attempting to wrap her head around the fact that they weren’t a couple anymore. Each sip of her drink she glanced at her phone waiting for a text message from Stella with the confirmation that she was ok. For a relationship that she always admired and told every guy she bought home they would need to live up to those expectations – she was crushed. As the ice clinked in her glass and she raised her hand to signal for the bartender for another, a familiar face caught her eye.

At the opposite end of the bar sat Janelle flashing her pearly whites with a margarita in front of her. The emotions flooded over Wren as she jolted her body down and out of sight. She didn’t want Janelle to spot her in this state and began to fumble with unlocking her phone to text Stella. As if that task wasn’t enough in her inebriated state, the gentleman next to her promptly took this time to make a snarky remark about moving slowly. Wren wasn’t having it and snapped her death glare as she plowed her way to the women’s bathroom.

She stumbled into the first open stall and contemplated what to do in this situation. The drinks were getting to her and she couldn’t think rationally. Her best friend was at home in a miserable state because of a woman she assumed was the love of her life breaking it off with her. The same love of her life that was sitting in their favorite dive bar smiling ear to ear without a worry in the world. Wren wrestled with her thoughts before making a rash decision to call Stella. As she hit the dial button, the bathroom door opened and she heard the chipper harmonious laughter of Stella and Janelle as they stumbled into the bathroom.

“Janelle, give me one minute Wren is calling,” Stella managed to say as her giggles continued to escape. As they stumbled into the stall next to her, Wren quickly pounded the end button on her phone before Stella could answer. Wren listened as Stella said “that’s weird the call disconnected.” Janelle quickly chimed in, “all will be well tonight when we head home together!’

Wren felt the corners of her mouth smirk up into a smile as she quickly navigated her way out of the bathroom and their favorite bar. Janelle was right, all was well and Wren believed in happy endings again.

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