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Kayla and Micah had been pretty exclusive since Valentine’s Day and life was falling into pretty good routine. The natural progression of their relationship had blossomed over the last 5 months. It helped that they were so close and familiar with each other before they took this leap. In the last month, Micah had invited Kayla to spend the night at his house on numerous occasions. For many reasons, she didn’t mind it because she would get to spend a lot of time with Micah and his condo was much closer to her job. She loved removing the extra 30 minute commute for more time with him and a 10 minute walk to her office.

Today was just another normal day, as Kayla walked home early from her office back to Micah’s house. He had just given her a key last week and she had some vacation time to burn so she was treating herself to a long weekend. Micah had mentioned taking their kayaks out to the lake for a fun 4th of July ride and she wanted to make sure she could stop by her own apartment to grab a few things.

As she got closer to Micah’s condo, she noticed that his car was parked out front. That was odd because he told her this morning he would be working a full day. Kayla didn’t mind it, she didn’t plan to stay over too long as she really wanted to get back to her apartment to pack for the long weekend she would be staying with him. The day instantly got better as she approached the front door and pulled out her key.

Micah sat in his bedroom with sweaty palms and couldn’t gather his thoughts. These last few months had been wonderful, actually wonderful was an understatement. He had finally hit his stride professionally and personally with Kayla by his side. The fearless decisions he had made during these last few months had all been because of her guidance and reassurance that he was worth it, but he had finally reached a point where he couldn’t confide in her.

He heard the sound of a key unlocking the front door and knew that Kayla had arrived home. The nerves he had been feeling intensified and he braced himself as her sweet voice rang out from his living room. Micah stood up and braced himself to face a new reality he was about to put himself in. As he made his way out of the bedroom, Kayla was taking her shoes off and putting her purse down on the entryway table, that she had gifted him, while mindless talking about how she wouldn’t be at the house very long. Micah heard her mention about going to her apartment and picking up things for the long weekend they had planned. Micah whispered under his breath, “Kayla, can you slow down for a minute? I’d like to talk to you.”

Kayla stopped, looked at Micah as he sat down, and slowly made her way to join him on the couch. She could feel her stomach turning as she frantically replayed the last 5 months, trying to come up with some sort of reason why they would be having a conversation. She did everything in her power to steel her nerves as she sat down and faced Micah.

He could see the fear in her eyes and instantly regretted how he approached this whole conversation. He had let his nerves get the best of him and he had scared her. Micah quickly grabbed Kayla’s hands and looked her directly in the eyes, “You’re amazing and I want you here all the time.” He had done it. He knew her lease on her apartment was almost up and it only made sense that they move in together. The last month that she had been staying at his place, it was wonderfully peaceful. As these thoughts pondered through his head, he heard her sweet voice plead, “Really?” Without any hesitation, he gave her all the reasons of why it was right and proudly ended his long list with the simple, “I love you and want you to be here with me.”

Kayla could feel the tears well up in her eyes and she whispered back, “ I love you too.” At that moment, Micah knew he made the right move asking her to move in. He knew that this woman of strength and joy was his end game. He looked at her and said, “Let’s go and get as much of your stuff to start moving in.” Kayla smiled and nodded as Micah wrapped his arms around her.
For the first time, in a long time, his heart was content.

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