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Outside the Box

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Since the last disastrous happy hour, Mike had made it his priority to change the pattern. He remembered feeling defeated as his 3 buddies just hung out at a booth during happy hour without ever taking the time to check his location or look up from their phones to socialize with each other. When they finally realized that he had made it, the night was pretty much over for Mike. It was sickening that they had become so consumed with their phones that actual conversation was damn near impossible.

They were breaking the cycle by stepping outside of their boxes in the best way possible. Since Pokemon Go had arrived, Mike and his buddies had been reliving their childhood all over again roaming the city to “catch’em all.” When it came time for their monthly happy hour meet up, instead of getting together on a weeknight Mike suggested that they take a guys trip together. Somewhere outside of the city, just the guys, and a location that had a lot of Pokemon! After searching numerous locations, Mike finally found a secluded cabin that still had decent cell service and people were raving about all of the Pokemon they had found in the surrounding area. He booked the weekend and informed the guys that they were going on an adventure.

Upon their arrival, Mike and the guys didn’t waste any time settling into the cabin and tossing back a few whiskey shots to kick off a grand weekend of fun. Alex wasted no time opening the Pokemon Go app and taking off out of the front door yelling, “there’s a Charizard around here!” Without fail, the rest of them flew out of the cabin as dusk approached on a warm Friday night in search of the biggest and baddest Pokemon in the land.

Late into the night after numerous stops to the cabin for beers, head lamps to navigate the terrain, and bathroom breaks – the guys were finally calling it a night. Mike looked around at his buddies as their phones charged and they talked about all the Pokemon they had just caught. He leaned over to grab his own phone to check out the social activity of his buddies. Nobody had checked them in on Facebook, there wasn’t any Instagram evidence of the start of their weekend, and all of the guys failed to remember that they had Twitter accounts. This was a vast difference from the last outing. If they ever were going to be on their phone for anything, he was glad that it was for Pokemon Go and how it had bought them back together.

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