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Weekend Elevated

This was my weekend to begin putting the pieces back together, in a much better fit. Here are a few pieces of the puzzles that elevated my weekend to epic proportions!

Dallas Blogger Collective  + Henry’s Majestic – Happy Hour


This blogging gig totes has some amazing perks. Like meeting my blog best friend gang out for happy hour at the trendiest of joints in the Dallas area. The fabulous Stephanie of Geek Glam and Jasmine of Jasmine Crockett are the amazing co-founders of Dallas Blogger Collective and they were lucky enough to coordinate with Henry’s Majestic for our community to have a fantastic happy hour. Talk about a great evening of fun! We mingled, enjoyed delicious bites, and was lucky enough to meet Chef Roe DiLeo – who just happens to be on Hell’s Kitchen and the General Manager of this fine establishment.

The atmosphere was hip and the drinks were strong – my kind of joint. It was a great night of socializing with quite a few of my favorite people!

roe dileo drink


The S&M Show

I promise you its not as dirty as it sounds….ok, that may be a bit of a lie. The amount of debauchery that takes place when the S&M show kicks off is insane. It all started with a SCANDALOUS episode of Scandal, best of this season, and this tweet.

Cyrus Beene, Jeff Perry, himself retweeted that quote which proceeded to blow up all over twitter while the S&M show got ready to head out for a late dinner and drinks. To make a long story short, you can’t take either one of us anywhere. We met a stranger who proceeded to introduce himself as Dom in order to join the S&M show. He let me sift through his entire (and I mean ENTIRE) iTunes library to approve of his music choices. In my defense, he had just left an underground rap concert that he did not look like he belonged at – so I needed to screen the guy. Oh and I got disowned by my favorite Dallas bartender because I let the youngin’ make my drink. We made it home safely after girling out after some wildness and foolery went down.


Forever Friends + Hometown Breakfast

My weekends aren’t complete until I’ve had breakfast or brunch, whichever fits in my schedule first. I was fortunate enough to spend some quality time in my childhood stomping grounds of Farmers Branch enjoying a nice relaxing breakfast with a few of my forever friends. After the week I had, it was nice being able to feel actual joy when I laughed. There was no constant thought of what’s next, where do I need to go after this, or how am I going to squeeze that into my schedule. I was allowed to be me with the people who know and love me best. Oh and Sunny “called” our waitress an asshole, who in turn called Sunny a bitch. Life can be hilarious.

So there you have it, my weekend elevated! I’m looking forward to sharing my fantasy football outlook this week (it’s not great), CRAFT EXCHANGE, and what the next few weekends hold in store for me.

Happy Monday people!

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  • Reply Lindsay

    Awww this looks like THE BEST weekend. 🙂 Glad you got to relax and enjoy a slow one!

    November 11, 2014 at 4:40 pm
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