Weekend Fab Five

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.” –Audrey Hepburn

My weekend embraces that quote to the fullest. Happiness is the most important emotion that I’ve been allowing myself over these last few months. This weekend just had an abundance of happiness involved in it. I was able to celebrate birthdays, enjoy life, meet celebrities, and spend time with friends – it was worth it.

All in all, a damn good weekend!

My sweet friend, Quinton celebrated his birthday and was kind enough to invite me to his birthday dinner. He is one of the most kind individuals that I’ve been lucky to have in my life and he is loved by so many. It was the perfect way to kick off the start to a long weekend!

dallas - dallas blogger - birthday fun - celebration

Gifts are always nice, but I received this amazing peacock lamp and it went straight to my reading nook. How perfect is this beauty?!? One of my oldest friends from when David was in the Marine Corps, Val, sent this beauty to me. It’s perfect and she knows me too well. Considering everyone always told us that we weren’t suppose to be friends because of fraternization, we said to hell with them. To this day, I am so happy to have her in my life.
dallas - dallas blogger - gifts - friends - presents - peacock

Walker Stalker Con Dallas went down this weekend and I went to visit. It was definitely a lot of fun and I would definitely go again. The panels were hilarious, but let me just say RJ MITTE aka WALT JR! Weekend made.

dallas - dallas blogger - walker stalker con dallas - wscdallas - rj mitte - walt jr - breaking bad

I wanted to catch up on sleep this weekend, but it didn’t happen as I had planned it to. Do you want to know who did manage to catch up on sleep this weekend? My pups! A certain one in particular waited until I cleaned the entire house to find a new spot to enjoy for some shut eye….dallas - dallas bloggers - puppy love - dogs - nap time

Last but not least, the gang’s all back together! Stephanie is back from her cruise and our schedules aligned perfectly because we got to spend Sunday evening together. That only means one thing, Diversity Chic is coming soon! We were able to capitalize on Daylight Savings Time and get some outfit photos in.

dallas - dallas bloggers - fashion bloggers - fashion - lifestyle - blogger besties

And that’s how you get a weekend done!

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  • Reply Jordan

    That lamp is EVERYTHING!! So glad to have the gang all back together!! Life is goooood!

    March 16, 2015 at 11:01 am
  • Reply Julian

    Cool lamp! You should get peacock earrings!

    March 17, 2015 at 9:21 pm
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