Well Played, Martha. Well Played.

Something I ate yesterday must have really tripped up my dream cycle. Last night, I had the craziest dream that I have had in a long time. Like the most vividly and strange dream, to the very smallest details.

I’m in my house, cleaning and minding my own business – when I hear a knock on my door. Upon answering, MARTHA FREAKING STEWART is standing on my porch. The first words that came out of my mouth were:

“Are you shitting me?”

Martha with all her grace and poise, politely answered that she hoped I wasn’t and walked right in. She meant business as soon as she stepped foot into my house. She changed, recommended, cooked, and so much more. As I stared at her crafty prowess in action, all I could think was this has got to be some kind of dream (little did I know that it was actually a dream).

She pulled me aside, helped me brainstorm for my second craft exchange, gave superb feedback on how to personalize and improve them for all my craft exchange peeps. As we worked side by side – laughing with each other, sharing recipes, and just in the groove…I said it, I dropped the bomb.

Martha, you’re a crafting genius!”

Martha Stewart looked me dead in the eye with her perfect smile and said, “I know.” Not one ounce of¬†humility laced that statement.

Well play dream Martha, well played. Your idea was flawless, the design perfect. I can only hope to emulate it. I informed my craft exchange peeps of your genius crafting choice.

You win.

**Sidenote: Martha Stewart and Oprah are the only two people in my book that are allowed to tell me they know anything.

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