What is the world coming to…Segment 1

After this wild weekend, all I can think is….what is the world coming to….

when you convince your significant other that it’s a good idea to see a horror movie way past your bedtime.  FYI: The Conjuring was some scary ish. I couldn’t even speak in full sentences after it. Won’t even lie, a few times I may or may not have been practically in WareBear’s lap in sheer terror.

Definitely before the movie!

Definitely before the movie!

when you can buy At Home Marijuana test at the Dollar Store! I can honestly say that I had no clue they actually sold products like this. Where there is a market, there is a product that can be sold! After seeing where the product was placed, I’m not sure if more ovulation tests are being sold or the mary jane test. I’m betting its the mary jane test, that Dollar Store was in Da Branch.

Right next to Ovulation Test Strips and Urinary Tract Infection Tests!

Right next to Ovulation Test Strips and Urinary Tract Infection Tests!

when the line is so long at Hobby Lobby you want to vomit. Why oh why does everyone insist upon going to Hobby Lobby on a Saturday around 3:00PM?!? Biggest mistake of my life. I just needed three things and had to wait 15 minutes to check out. And it always baffles me that Hobby Lobby never has enough lines open or people working on Saturday to accommodate this problem. Suggestion HL: Saturday is an ALL HANDS ON DECK day – make my life easier…

I was dry heaving at this point.

I was dry heaving at this point.

when Wally World is selling a work out product called Booty Slide. No other words for that.



when you make the ridiculous decision to get shit-faced wasted with your spouse and play Monopoly. It’s a bad idea sober and even worse when you add drinking to it. One of us had to lose. The lady drinking vodka clearly did not have those odds in her favor.

eff this ish!

eff this ish!

Drunk Monopoly. It. Did. Not. End. Well.

We both woke up on Sunday morning with a hangover  and managed to squeeze some socializing and bike riding in. I also finished a sewing and craft project that I am very excited to share with you all.

Best part about Sunday into early Monday is that Kate Middleton is in labor; I hope I can be the royal nanny!


Here’s to another week!


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