Why I love Walgreens

You can go into Walgreens and find anything. It’s my no hassle date night. If WareBear and I want to have a night in, we can roll up there grab a RedBox, popcorn, candy, and drinks at little to nothing.

Dropping into Walgreens this evening to feed my sweet tooth, I decided to take a leap of faith with the ChiroOne group who were giving free spine evaluations. Needless to say, I’m now convinced that my body is slowly giving up on me. You read that right, I might as well be a geriatric old lady by now. As I checked off the list of my ailments, I wasn’t sure if it was because of my spine or my job! Marci and Dianna were a charming pleasure to work with, as I was definitely in rare form this evening (I told them to come check out my blog, so ladies if you are reading – please leave a comment).

And to why I love Walgreens and my reason for rare form – as we are in the middle of my little consult, a lady rudely starts asking sweet Dianna some questions about how long they were going to be there. From the beginning, Marci and Dianna let me know it was just going on today. Not tomorrow, not next week, JUST TODAY.

This lady had the nerve to say she was going to come back. Mind you, she had two kids with her and a full basket – I had to stop Marci.

We all know that this women was not coming back! And I let Marci and Dianna know that this lady was not planning on coming back. They were both gracious and insisted that they do have people that come back or see them a few weeks later. This is Farmers Branch. And as much as I would like to have the benefit of the doubt in this lady, she was not coming back.


The truth.

I never understand why people even bother. Just be honest and say you aren’t interested, don’t humor people into thinking you care.

It’s like Girl Scout Cookies. “Oh, I don’t have cash.” You’re in luck people, those girls accepting plastic from now on! So when cookies are for sale again next year, don’t pull your same number, because it all boils down to the truth.

Oh Walgreens, you sure bring out the best in people.

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