I’m a squirrel and you’re my nut.

“I’m a squirrel.  You’re my nut.  Winter’s coming, I’m going to store you in my cheek, girl.” -Schmidt


Justin Timberlake helped me survive this week.

To all my east coast homies, winter’s coming aka the Great Blizzard of 1978.

Goodness, I’ve had a busy week. It’s been crazy between work, this master’s program, and snagging my Queen Bey concert tickets – I didn’t think I would survive.

I can officially announce that yours truly will be seeing Queen Bey at the American Airlines Center on July 6. Hold your applause! Say what you want, Beyonce is a performer and she brings it every time. She is classy, but exudes sex appeal like no other and I respect that. We (Teacup Chihuahua and Qu) snagged our tickets after quite the mix up with buying tickets. Here is my open letter to StubHub and PayPal (oh yes, there are two) regarding their services:

Dear StubHub,

Thank you so much for your unique feature StubHub Go Together. My friends and I were under the impression that we would easily be able to place all the money into my PayPal account and seamlessly purchase the tickets for our amazing seats. 

As the link was sent via Facebook, your clear nonexistent instructions took some time for one of my friends to get use to. Then success! Just as we thought we were closer to snagging those wonderful tickets in front of the BeyStage, they were gone. Remember those nonexistent instructions….you should’ve made them clearer. One of my dear friends took a hit for the team and paid for 3 $250 tickets. You owe her. You owe me. Not money, but an explanation on how you cannot provide clear instructions on how to pay someone through PayPal for your NOT SO awesome feature StubHub Go Together

Disappointed in Texas

Oh and PayPal, don’t think you get away through this one unscathed.

Dear PayPal,

We’ve been great pals over the years. You’ve been the undoing of my steel pride to save money every time I get on Etsy. You just have this seamless way of connecting me to unnecessary purchases I need to make. Today, I was not a happy camper with you. We issued a refund last night to the successful friend. You confirmed on your website that it was instant. Not cool, PayPal….not cool. The world stirred this morning and said friend was still $250.38 less than they should’ve been. Why? Because of your ridiculous concept of a refund. You see, my friend didn’t have a PayPal account. You being the clever company you are made sure to change that. Well played PayPal. You’re in luck, because I have numerous accounts through you and you make paying on Etsy so much easier. 

PayPal 1 Sevi 0

Coming for you in Texas

Even with these two unfortunate incidents, we are going! And it’s a perfect way to knock out the week.

Speaking of week – it was hectic, I didn’t get a chance to finish my craft projects for the upcoming craft exchange. I will either be burning the midnight oil tonight to get them finished and in the mail or up at the crack of dawn to finish and ship the ones that I have to send off. Hopefully, the Great Blizzard of 1978 (I like this name better than 2013 – 1978 was probably a gnarly year) doesn’t mess up my shipping plans.

My last week of this course is coming up fast and I have so much homework to finish up. I do plan on taking some sewing time out this weekend and attempt to finish the cupcake quilt, add the border to Chrissy’s quilt, and put the finishing touches on my craft project.

Before all of that happens, tonight I shall have fun with friends (yes, my hilarious friends) at Hyena’s Comedy Club. Wish us luck that was all come out alive and intact.

Have a marvelous weekend!

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