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Establishing Rules to Achieve Work/Life Balance

I am not your normal blogger. In no way do I see myself ever quitting my day job (#crimefighterbyday) to run the ins and outs of Ware is the Vodka?!? For a long time, I thought I was doing something wrong because this blogging deal wasn’t my end game.

It took a lot of soul searching and good friends to help me realize that I fit a different niche. A niche that a few potential bloggers need. At the end of the day and in all reality, I blog because I enjoy it. I love writing and sharing my positivity with the world. For an individual like myself, maintaining a strict model of a work/life balance is critical. Without a certain set of established rules to follow or guide you, it’s easy to get lost in the stress of where your life should be going.

“Balance is not better time management, but better boundary management. Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices.”—Betsy Jacobson

Work-Life Balance

This quote is everything and really applies to the 3 rules that I’ve set for myself in achieving a healthy work/life balance.

Work-Balance Rule1

It’s crucial to set achievable goals that you can knock out – whether it be quickly or over an allotted period of time. This includes when you are at work, so never be afraid to ask about deadlines (I encourage it). Manage your time and don’t be afraid to make a list. I’m a firm believer in a paper calendar, but with such a technology driven society you don’t have any excuse to not be on top of things. As soon as a goal is set, write it down/save it to your notes and work from there. Allowing yourself these realistic goals gives you a nice sense of control over what you are doing at work and in your personal life. We aren’t perfect and every once in a while even I forget to write things down or save them to the family calendar that I share with David – but just make the effort.

Work-Balance Rule2

This is a huge rule that I am still learning to practice. You are just one person. With that being said, take a good look at the boundaries you are setting within your personal and work life. Are you constantly check your work email? Take the time to unplug and leave work at work. If you work from home, give yourself a cutoff time and be done.

Do you feel like you HAVE to be at every social function? SAY NO! As a Dallasite, I’m constantly seeing event after event that I would love to attend via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As appealing and fun most of these events are sure to be, I’ve learned that limiting myself to 1 (maybe 2) a weekend is enough.

Work-Balance Rule3

So you’ve unplugged from all things work related (stop checking those work emails) and said no to all those social events (another one will be happening the next week) – now it’s time for you to be yourself. Enjoy hobbies, spend time with friends or your significant other, or just sit around watching Netflix – make your downtime count. I cannot express how important this rule is to your work/life balance. Allotting time to indulge in activities that truly bring joy to your life is key to warding off any stress that you may receive from the daily grind.


There you have it, my three rules to establishing a healthy work/life balance. I’m no expert, but these three have been pretty helpful in keeping me grounded. If you are interested in other perspectives on achieving work/life balance, be sure to check out the links below from a few members of Dallas Blogger Collective.

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